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Federico Campanale (1973, France) lives and works in Amsterdam (NL) where he graduated at the art academy in 2001. Since then, he’s been working with video, photography and documentary film.



Campanale's works explores human sensations and psyche, within the realm of the self-centered society. What is at the source of our emotions in a world where the representation is often more important than the original? Can we still talk about real feelings? What are the strings that control them? And how can these strings be depicted?

Campanale looks for answers in the study of the concept of time and identity: time structure, time experience, time pressure on one hand, and on the other hand, the influence of social and emotional surrounding on the construction of identity.


Exploring the border between video art and documentary, his work embraces as much reality as fiction and imaginary; seeking for a multi-input visual language, rather than a uni-dimensional style, to depict human and natural fundamental phenomenons.



"What is barely visible yet perceptible by other than our senses is what fascinates me; what we strongly feel but hardly can grasp by our ratio... there it starts."




E: mail@federicocampanale.com

T: +31 624876301

A: Frans de Wollantstraat 50, 1018SC Amsterdam, NL