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(2 min. 50 sec.)

Ramallah Road - Trailer -


2011, Trailer (2 min. 50 sec.)

Ramallah Road is a documentary that shows the living conditions of the Palestinians in Al-Ram (West Bank), who find themselves limited by the wall that has been put up by Israel.  Economic malaise, hopelessness and boredom rule on this road, that once used to connect Jerusalem and Ramallah, and which was the main economical vein of Al-Ram. Now the wall splits and stops the road, and the Palestinians have lost more land, as well as the ties to their fellow Palestinians in Jerusalem.


Meanwhile, a team of young sprayers are spraying a 2.5 km letter on the wall in Al-Ram, stretching towards Ramallah and almost touching the infamous checkpoint of Qalandia. The letter is written by Farid Esack, a South African anti-apartheids activist, and compares the Palestinian situation to Apartheid. Both street interviews and explanations of the political situation by experts give us a brief impression of the situation, and challenges us to think what the right way is to resist after 40 years of hopeless struggle.


Directed, filmed & edited by Federico Campanale & Iona Hogendoorn