10-19 MARCH 2023
RETRAMP Art Gallery

SEDIMENTS , a photo exibhition by Federico Campanale

Sediments is Federico Campanale’s third and fourth solo exhibition, showcasing a selection of 23 photographs from his series Urban Structures and Geo-memories, made between 2017-2022. Put together, the series show Campanale’s approach to the representation of urban and natural landscapes exploring their multifaceted dimension.
The notion of plurality is shown through coexistent architectural styles, historical layers or environmental strata, mingling at a specific location or landscape. The superimposition that builds the photographs refers to a palette of short instants, minutes and hours, or even decades and centuries, as well as meters and kilometers. All these being compressed together in order to show the photographed spaces in a way that can overshoot the human sight.
As a result, the final images render the spaces in a way that relates more to memories and selective perception, rather than to exhaustive depiction. All photographs are made in situ and in camera, without any digital manipulation.